Mes tweets de la semaine du 2010-11-14

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WordCamp Paris 2015, J’y serai ! Et vous ?


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  1. Amit dit :

    Hi Jesper,a wonderful theme! Just one qutoeisn I have: I’m looking for theme that nicely fits to tablets, smartphones as well as desktops.What are the ranges for when widgets move to the footer? And how is this realized. Background for my qutoeisn is that if I make my browser window smaller on my netbook it scales perfectly, but on my Galaxy Tab with 600 1024 res, I have the side column showing on the right side, so that the main content is quite small.Do you have any suggestions how to make it more readable on a 7 tablet with a netbook resolution? Could I force it to become a one column when a mobile system is recognized? Or could I have some buttons so that the user could chose the dimensions?I hope these weren’t too much qutoeisns/wishes Thanks!